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A tribute to my Nan... - Sun, 8 Jul 2007 14:10:27 GMT

Unfortunately, there comes a time when everyone loses someone that they love dearly and the dont often realise how much they love that person until they're gone. I do realise how much I loved my nan, she died last Sunday and thewhole family is having a hard time of it but I wrote a little uledgy to read at her funeral which is on Tuesday. Please read this so you can understand how much I loved my nan...I wanted to say these words to try and express how truly magnificent my nan was and always will be to me, to do something special to commemorate her, to express how empty I feel without her and I got thinking about legacys and how people change the lives of others. Thats why I think were here and why people go on. I dont know about you but I believe theres more to us than meets the eye. Nanny had to leave school early and go out to work, to earn a wage to support the family. Nanny would tell me time and time again in our frequent chats, that she was furious that her mum wouldnt let her finish her education. She loved learning and would never stop. My mum, dad and sister always said, -how many 95-year olds do you know with sky TV, a CD player, HI-FI, DVD recorder and flat screen TV?- Even 2 weeks ago, she was dreaming about a computer! Because of that nanny made sure she and granddad would do their best to put my mum and uncle through school and give them the chances that she didnt have. It was during mums education that my mum met my dad (who nanny later named superman because she thought so much of everything he did for everyone but always found time for her). Following Nannys example, mum and dad put Fiona and I through school and University and we both graduated. Now were both beginning to find our own ways too. All the while, nanny was there to support everyone and everyone else came first. Nanny did what she could to make everyone happy, be it regular chats on the phone, making shawls for the WI or family, playing with her grandchildren or even making a crafty cup of tea for the boy next door! As long as she made you smile, she didnt care what she said, I think thats why all the photos I have of her show her grinning like a Cheshire cat. Forever an optimist, I will always think of nanny when I here the phrases -I wish you the best of luck love-, -fingers-crossed- and -youve got to smile havent you?- She always waited, she always said when youve got time love, can you...? or Next time you get chance... and I always did what I could whenever I could for her no matter how big or small, after all, she was my Nan and nothing seemed too trivial or too much hassle, my nan meant the world to me and Id do anything for her. Our family has always been very loving and close and Im no exception, I take after my nan in many ways, its almost uncanny at times, being sensitive, emotional, wanting to learn new things I even learnt my money management skills from her! I definitely know she taught my mum, and my mum and dad taught me how to love and support other people. In many ways, Nanny was at the centre of everything, she was fussed over at Christmas, we always played her must have game of 24 spot dominoes, she was chauffeured round to mum and dads for Sunday dinner every week, she was always trying to be involved with the WI, there was no stopping her. Even if she lost 6 inches in height, had a stick or rattled from all the medications, never once did she let it get the better of her and she never gave in to any of it. She really is an inspiration to me and I can only wish I am as lively, alert and down to earth as she was if I ever get to her age. I know how much Nanny loved me. No matter how long I talk or what I say, itll never be enough to explain how much my nan meant to everyone but in my own little way, this is my tribute to the worlds best Grandma (she always did want to be called that but the term Nanny suited her better, younger, more... well, more nanny). Its not often someone comes along who I respect and am as proud of as I am my nan. Shes been through and seen so much in her life that I honestly feel belittled alongside her. Its rare someone as strong, determined and independent as her shows up but its even more rare when theyre as thoughtful, loving, warm and compassionate as my nan was, despite what life threw at her. I know these thoughts and feelings are also shared by my mum. Once, every now and then there is someone that comes along and by just being themselves, changes the world of everyone they see, speak to or touch, for the better. If it wasnt for my nan, our family and I wouldnt be here and I would never have had the honour of having her as my nan. I love you nanny.

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