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in need of heat - Tue, 27 May 2008 09:58:21 GMT

Finally, the time has come for the old back-boiler to be ripped out and the new swanky combi boiler put in. The lads, Paul and Neil from Harisson Heating came yesterday and started the work. I had no idea there would be so much mess! Having just got the place reasonably clean and tidy too! I'm not complaining though the boiler needed replacing so Neil put the new boiler on the wall in the office (quite small actually and with perfect pipework too) as Paul was gutting and dismembering the old Baxi back boiler in the lounge. We can finally see the demise of the 60's chique fireplace and free up around 6m sq in the lounge of unnecessarily wasted space. Of course, this comes at the price of sheer mess and disruption. Half of the fireplace (where trunking hid pipes for water and heating from the boiler) has been removed leaving a plaster wall and revealing the decades of poor taste in paint and wall paper. The floorboards have all had their tongues removed and are everywhere but where they should be, we have no hot water and no heating and it's bloody cold today, I'm sat here with 3 layers on! Not to mention there is now a gaping great hole in our chimney breast about a meter deep and 50cm wide! At least we can finally close up the air brick in the front wall of the lounge which is more like a hurricane when the wind blows! We've gotten rid of the nasty power shower in the bathroom, revealing a beautiful shade of purple paint below it alongside some brown daisey pattern wall paper! Keep your eyes open on eBay if you want some bits and bobs for heating systems, I'm going to sell what I can to compensate for the three-thousand pound price tag for all this work. At least at the end of it we will have efficient heating on demand, as much hot water as we like, a new power shower without the need for an external pump and a nice dual fuel towel rail. I also get gadgets - The boiler itself has lots of buttons and flashing lights and displays on it and comes complete with a wireless thermostat - how kewl is that?! I'm obviously off work today and tomorrow. Neil and Paul should be done by the end of today but I'll need to clean up tomorrow and need to pop to town (for the first time since we've moved here). The new job is going OK, I'm settling in a bit more now. I'm getting on OK with everyone, it has it's busy times and it's quiet times but generally, in time, I think it will work out OK, a lot is about to change there which I hope I will be involved with. I'll keep you posted. I did manage to recover another chunk of the garden yesterday and my hands are again blistered and telling the tale but it looks a lot better. The weather is a bit shot today so probably wont be doing much more than watching the lads work and tidying up after them. I'll let you know when the heat has been restored...makes you realise how much you take heat for granted! Still, I need it now!

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