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trying to be good - Mon, 22 Sep 2008 11:21:33 GMT

So, I've started a new gym workout, it'll be on my workouts page soon so have a look if you're interested. Last week I was walking as if I had wooden legs, I couldn't get up stairs and gradients were a nightmare. I was seriously sore, so sore in fact that I woke myself up all night for 3 days because of the pain every time I moved my legs in the night. That's what I get for not stretching enough after having 2 weeks off the gym! Well, today it was chest day and it was an OK day, I thought I looks pretty good when I took my vest off to show my sweaty, round and thick chest underneath, I actually liked what I saw, shame its so fleeting and shrinks away to nothing so quickly! Im running down a bit, I so didn't want to get out of bed this morning but I managed it and got to the gym and had a good workout. Now I'm just lounging around a bit until 12 when Ill go off to the pool and have my swim. We had a nice weekend. Other than the fact that I'm rapidly getting sick of sanding and stripping the banister and hand rails at home. Granted, its starting to look nice and its very tactile but I've got to the point where I've got all of those niggly little corner bits and hard to reach places, anyone want to help me, please, feel free! I was doing that on Saturday while Jake was sealing the walls in the bathroom getting ready for our new tiles. We went to town and bought some bits! Anyway, that done, back home and we've got the first 4 tiles up in the bathroom and they look fantastic! They're big tiles so the problem is that when the surface is uneven which every surface in our house is, you end up with one end being higher than the other so it's a juggling act trying to get the tiles all flush. We got 2 more on the wall on Sunday and they look fantastic but now we need some tile adhesive which we can use with the porous natural stone mosaics on the border. Ill take some more photos when we've got one of the walls done you can see how good it looks. What else is happening? Well we watched Merlin, the new BBC series on Saturday too, that's looking like a pretty good one too, I would recommend it for anyone to watch. Stewart and Kevin have asked us if we would like to go away with them, were looking for somewhere maybe in Devon or something we can go for a long weekend, were looking forward to it but just concerned about the price. Its so nice to actually know people that aren't wankers or time wasters. We met a lad recently who we thought was a nice lad, I had a lot in common with him but he kept messing me about and standing me up so we ditched him he's not even apologised or spoken to us since! Kevin dropped a bombshell though over the weekend saying they may be moving to Switzerland which will be shocking, having just met such a fantastic couple, then what will we do?! Ive started building some web pages for a second income although its suddenly gone quiet on one of the projects that I'm working on I need to chase it up because were so strapped, they won't be getting my time for free, I can tell you! Jakes on Lates tonight which means I have to go to sleep on my own, I don't enjoy that at all but it means I get to play with my toys and watch crappy telly until he gets in but I do miss him. Its funny, for the first time since weve been together, I bought him a bunch of roses and lilies on Friday it was nice to buy him some and he appreciated them but when he commented that I've never done it before, it made me realise, maybe I don't show him how much I love him as often as I should. Ill have to keep a check on that. Anyway, I've prattled long enough, need to get ready for swimming anyway - working here does have some benefits I suppose!

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