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body, babies and building - Mon, 9 Nov 2009 20:36:31 GMT

As per usual, its been far too long since my last post. I'm getting round to it today though because today has been a very stressful one and it will give me opportunity to keep you all up to date.

I have no doubt the most important and good news is I am now an uncle. Lewis is gorgeous and both he and my sister are doing very well. Although trying to feed his insatiable appetite is proving quite a challenge to my sister but all is going well and he's growing almost visibly now!

Something which has been putting a little dampenr on things was the fact that a few weeks ago, I found a lump on one of my balls. It bothered me a lot so thought best not to mess about and got up the doctors, got it seen to and waited for an appointment at the hospital.

In all fairness, I was impressed, I think I saw the doctor on the Friday, the following Wednesday I got an appointment for the following Monday for an ultrasound. That Monday being today.

On top of the worry of that, today in particular has been very hectic emotionally. I've been driving a Citroen Saxo now for about 19 months, bought from my friend at the Uni but its started to cost me money to get things done to it and so against all my beliefs up until now, Ive plumped to buying a newer car. I think it's time I had something newer, a bit less boy racer and a bit more 29-30 year old.

So, I've had to spend my life savings to pay for an '04 Toyota Yaris which has cost me just over 4000 pounds. Hopefully though it should last me a few years yet and if all goes well I can sell my Saxo and put the money I get from that back into the building society.

So, I had to sign the paper work for that today on top of everything else, think you can start to see why I was getting a bit stressed of late!

I've also been plateauing at the gym now for a few years and not going very far so the other day, I took a deep breath and spoke t the biggest guy who goes to my gym and asked him for advice. The long and short of it is, I'm going to have a few sessions with him and hes going to help kick start my progress again.

Today, just before my ultrasound, we did chest and biceps. Completely took a different tac and bloody hell, it felt amazing! I was so swollen I was stood looking in the mirror thinking this is a different person! He showed me a few different ways to do things which would really impact and help me grow and change and it really felt good. Granted, he basically said my form was shite but I need to know this to go back to basics and get it right and work on my form and push myself again.

Having gotten all sweaty and big, it was a race to get to the hospital in time but fortunately, I made it and it was worth rushing for because the good news is, the ultrasound operator said he's sure the lump is not cancerous, he said, it could just be a section of thickening skin and not to worry.

That's one thing off my mind. Once Ive got my new car and sold my old one Ill be happier still.

Jake has been working like mad in the lounge, hopefully we're on target to be in there and relaxing in our new lounge for Christmas. It'll be so amazing to have the biggest room in the house done, there's been a lot of work as always and we've had to strip it all back and start again, its not over yet by far but its certainly getting there. The photos are in the refurb pages so have a look and see how far we've come.

On that note and seeing as my arms are still like jelly from what was a quick (40 mins) but serisouly intense workout, Im going to bid you adieu!

Speak soon guys!

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