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An update for 2011 - Wed, 13 Jul 2011 13:56:11 GMT

Hello everyone....Jesus, I know...Ive been very bad at not replying. I just havent found the time to sit down and let you all know what has been going on but a fair bit has to be honest.

Were still working on the house, its taking longer than we had hoped but weve almost done all of the rooms upstairs, once thats done, we will be on the winning side of the operation with just the hall and landing, kitchen and utility area to do after that - the most expensive part!

Hopefully, now that the mortgage has dropped to a tracker, we should be able to save the excess up so that we can pay off some of our arrangement fees, pay a little extra each month and have a bit more money to actually get the work done. Thats the plan though, whether we manage it, time will tell.

At the moment, were just finishing off my office. Its a mess at the moment but were getting there, once thats done, I can stop being displaced and moved back into my office and get things done.

Ive not actually done much this time other than the prep and electrics, Jakes done most of the hard work. Thats great though because it allowed me to get on with my training. I needed the time to get on and ready for the Great Salford Swim and the Great north Swim this year.

Now I know that Ive done both, that I will only be doing the Salford Swim next year. Whilst Windermere is nice, it took ages to get to, there was no where for spectators to actually see the swimmers and its very inaccessible, you dont want to nearly die only to find you then need to walk 2 miles to get back to the car.

I did an OK time for both, both around 29 minutes which was slower than last year but Im OK with it, Ill have to get better though, still I succeeded and did them both so Im pretty pleased with myself.

Now that the swims are out of the way Im back in the gym trying to get back what I lost from the swim. Ive started my new training programme again and hopefully it has started to ake things firm up, Ill see how I am in a couple of weeks. Ill upload some new photos when thats done if Im happy with it.

Other than that, my nephew is talking, runnig everytwhere and keeping my sister very busy, hes wonderful, such a little star and were gtetting to see him as much as we can, its just coordinating it when hes at mum and dads so we can nip round and say hello. He still cries sometimes when he sees Jake though, I think its the lack of hair!

Its our 9th anniversary this weekend which is amazing. I honestly dont know where the time ges but 9 years eh...thats fantastic even if I dont say so myself. I think it has a lot to do with the honesty and enjoyment we have in the relationship, we tell each other everything and we say if we like someone else and thats great because we can flirt and chat and still come home to each other.

Oh yeah...Ive gone Android! I sold my HD2 on eBay last night for a fantastic £170 which Im over the moon about, especially as the reserve was only £80. They got a good deal though, its in perfect condition but Im happier now Ive got apps, I even have apps to have a crafty perv at gyus online, well I could until I exceeded my data allowance :),

Julie and I are off to Swansea for another team meeting in a week or so, Ive managed to arranage corporate rates with the Village hotels which look very nice, even a sea view! Well, it needs to be, its 4.5 hours for us to travel down there! Ill let you know what its like, I think they have free broadband so Ill take my laptop and try and write again!

For now though, thats its compadres....Ill catch you soon OK?

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