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My parents put me in the pool when I was very young having spent most of my baby-hood growing up int eh kitchen sink or bath, it was clear I was going to be a water baby. Clearly I took to the water and Ive been swimming all my life.

Recently, I decided that I would take it one step further and get into outdoor swimming so I took the plunge and embarked on the Great Swim Series.

I have now taken part in the Great north Swim and the Great Salford swim on a number of occasions. Ive been on swimming camps with the Northern Wave and Ive been taking my pool training very seriously.

Anyway, that's it for this year, 2011 swims are done and despite not making an improvement on my time, I'm still very pleased Ive taken part and successfully completed the swims in sub-30 swim times.

  • Great Salford Swim 2011 - Number 1599 - Age and Gender Position 84/2,000 - 00:29:34
  • Great North Swim 2011 - Number 5029 - Age and Gender Position 137/10,000 - 00:29:47
  • Great Salford Swim 2010 - Number 2562 - Age and Gender Position 78/2,000 - 00:29:02