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There's a lot of things I like doing in my spare time, some things take more time and I can do less often, other things can be enjoyed more often. In general, with work, I don't get as much time as I would like but then that's no different to anyone else really.

I love doing a lot of things when I get chance though, things like gardening, seeing friends and family, cooking, baking, watching DVD's (the cinema is such a rip off nowadays) but the main things I regularly enojoy are:

  • Jake. I know that sounds corny but it's true, Jake comes first; is at the top of my list. 
    We spend as much time together as possible, watching films, decorating, doing the garden, walking, pretty much anything really. He means the world to me and I enjoy every second I spend with him. It's not often someone this special comes along, I think it's pretty miraculous really that we found each other the way we did, but we did and almost 5 years later, here we still are...
  • I love coffee. I'm a trained 'Barista' from working for  2½ years for Starbucks, coffee grew on me and it stuck. It's funny because I never used to like it very much and would never drink it. After trying drinks like Frappuccino's or the vanilla macchaito, I strated to try different beans, grinds and coffees and I got hooked. I tried to get out of the addiction a little while ago but I can't. I got the worst headaches I've ever experienced, I guess thats caffiene additction for you! Click here to read my coffee guides.  
  • I build websites for friends and family. I always try to make something different, to learn new skills and technologies and try to generally improve. All I have learnt has been self-taught, you be the judge if my work is any good!
  • Swim; I can't get enough of that either. I think my mum and dad put me in a pool when I was 2 or 3 and I've never broken the habbit. Now, I swim at least a mile (64x25m), anywhere between 2-5 times a week, even when I'm on holiday.  It makes a huge difference to anyone with asthma, not to mention the increase in fitness it gives me.
  • Play with gadgets... If you hadn't worked it out by now, I love anything electronic. Jake would say "if it's got buttons and flashy lights, he'll be happy!"...totally true I'm afraid!  
  • I'm no eco warrier but I think our planet is incredible, I love watching documentaries and seeing how amazing the place is and so recycling is important to me too.