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OK, so, you probably don't know, you may do but many don't unless you know me but I love gadgets. Jake always says, 'if it's got buttons and flashy lights, he'll be happy'...that's pretty true. One of my friends asked that I created a shopping list of gadgets for him so he can catch up, so, I've done just that. This is my page of gadgets that I couldn't be without: 



cuisinart ice cream maker
Cuisinart Professional Ice Cream Maker

This is something Ive wanted for a very long time. I used to have a Philips ice cream maker which you froze the bowl in the freezer then put the mix in and an electric paddle stirred it whilst it froze. This doesn't need any of that, all you do is put the ingredients in the churn, set the timer and turn it on. The built-in freezer brings the temperature right down and turns those ingredients into gorgeous, fresh, home-made ice cream.

Get it from
induction hob  

Kenwood Induction Hob

These hobs use magnets and special/magnetic base-plate pans to heat food directly without the need to heat the hob, then the pan before heating the food, the units generate no heat and therefore use 30% of the energy of a single standard hob ring.

Get it from Amazon


Speedo Aquabeat

This is the Speedo Aquabeat. Jake bought it for me for my birthday in 2009 in time for the Swimathon. It was perfect for keeping me occupied on the 380 lengths. Now I use it every time I swim. Despite having to wear a headband to hold the earphones on, its great! The battery lasts over 9 hours and has 500 songs on it!

Get it from Speedo 

pool mate pro

Poolmate Pro

This is probably one of the most amazing little pool gadgets I have seen and Im so chuffed to have one myself. This is the Poolmate from Swimovate. It has accelerometers built in much like the iPhone which automatically measure your strokes, turns and so can calculate distance, calories, laps, distance, efficiency and can help you with training and to improve on a number of fronts. I got mine for Christmas from Swimshop and just tried it and it was great! Its always good to see you've burnt off over 900 calories!

Buy one direct from Swimovate

 simple human soap dispenser

Simple Human Infrared Soap/Lotion Dispenser

This is a great gadget for bathroom or kitchen. It allows you to handle raw meat and clean your hards without contaminating other surfaces or simply to prevent water marks building up around soap dispensers.

Get it from Lakeland

 danlers pir sensor

Danlers PIR Occupancy Switch

These are discrete small, recessed PIR detectors which can be set to activate a light or other device when light levels fall below a certain level and you can specify the time that the appliance it activated for.

Get one from  Danlers

 infra red bin

Infra Red Bin

These are extremely hygienic options for your kitchen, the infrared sensor allows the bin to open at the wave of a hand, you never need to touch the bin to open or close it again. 


 gaggia swing up

Gaggia Swing Up

One of the best coffee machines I have had. I have had several Gaggias before, the best being Titanium but this one is equally as good, if not better, the only thing that lets it down is that its body is ABS plastic, whereas the Titanium was all metal bodied. 


 kenwood chef

Kenwood Chef

You simply cannot get a better fod mixer, this machine is not just a food mixer, it has processor tools and 3 differently geared motor ports for various accessories. Full metal body, this is the new version of the best range of Chef and Master mixers. 


panasonic bread maker 

Panasonic Bread Maker

If you like nice bread, you should really make your own for a fraction of the cost. I inherited this bread make from my Nan but love it to bits, my mum has one, my friends have one as does my sister. Consistently voted the best bread maker, Panasonic bread makers are the top and make the tastiest breads and doughs ever!


 windows media center

Media Centre

I cant write enough here. You've heard of SKY Plus? Well, forget it! This kicks SKY Plus into history! Taking control of your SKY and TV boxes, record your own TV, Photos, Videos, DVDs, Music, all entertainment is located on this one box and it does everything!


siemens gigaset s450ip 

Siemens IP Phones

Award winning phones but money saving too! These great, slick phones connect to your broadband router and your land line enabling you to make free Internet calls automatically and providing up to 6 additional IP lines as well as your land line and the free Gigaset network. Fantastic features and great call quality, they're a must.


 panasonic viera

Panasonic Viera TV

We bought our PH42X60 (I think) almost 3 and a half years ago and are thrilled to bits. Its successors are even better with FREESAT HD built in now as well as free view, you cannot beat the picture quality or features in these TVs and they look smart too!


remote control light switch 

Infra Red & Touch Sensitive Light Switch

No more getting out of bed to switch off the light and no more cleaning the steel light switches. You dont need to touch these because you can use any remote control to adjust the lights but if you do, they're touch sensitive and dimming too!


 touch screen remote

Touch Screen All-In-One Remote

The ULTIMATE all-in-one remote. This is the Cambridge Audio M2 touchscreen remote control. Each of 8 screens is different and each screen can be altered. Each button has over 4 different commands including hidden. You can create macros to switch on your TV, SKY and turn to your favourite channel, ultimate flexibility!


 response sa5 alarm

Communicating Wireless Alarm

Insurance companies will not reduce or even look at the fact you have a burglar alarm now unless is communicates with the outside world when an event occurs. Simple to install, this system does it all, smoke detection, alarm and panic, the Response SA5 is great buy and can call 4 people when something goes wrong!



Networking Gear

Every house needs to be networked nowadays, the Media Centre uses live internet feeds allowing you to watch BBC iPlayer content or any other online TV download, communicate between different PCs and use IP phones, networking is a must.



Battery Charger for non-rechargeable Batteries

Batteries cost a lot and they're not all that great for the environment so why not buy a battery recharger that can recharge non-rechargeable batteries? Well, this does just that, no more buying expensive rechargeables, whatever you have, this will recharge it and a nifty little screen gives a bar graph to show the life left in each battery once charged.