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I was bought up in the 80's and no one knew about recycling but when we moved to Chester in the 90's it started to be more well known. I grew up recycling and so all this eco stuff is important to me but I'm far from a warrior. I think Jake and I are pretty green but this is what we do for our awareness, what do you think? We:

  • recycle paper, cans and glass (through kerbside collections)
  • recycle plastic bottles and as much as we can get away with by going to the recycling depot at the tip (Walsall council doesn't belive in recycling plastic)
  • collect all of our carboard and boxes for recycling at the recycling depot
  • recycle our carrier bags and are slowly collecting hessian replacements
  • wash all of our clothes at 30°
  • shut the entire power system off every night so we don't even have things switched on or on standby
  • walk as much as we can or cycle
  • compost all of our biodegradable waste