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Coffee and Tea are just drinks to some people, other people take them more seriously, some people make a living out of it, as far as I'm concerned, yeah, they're a drink but if you're going to make them, you may as well do it right. Some things should be done and some should be avoided to this end, they include:

  • Never keep coffee in the fridge-if you have to, store it brefily in the freezer, the oils get damaged otherwise
  • Never use boiling water-coffee isn't tea, if you pour boiling water on it, the coffee will scorch
  • Make sure you buy coffee made with Arabica beans, as they're smoother and sweeter but you will need some Robusta beans if you want a nice créma
  • Never heat milk beyond 75° as it will burn
  • If, when you're steaming milk, the steam starts to make a metalic, loud noise, there isn't enough air in the milk, lower the wand and introduce more bubbles, the milk will then make a more muffled steaming sound
  • To make foam, the best milk you can use is skimmed milk. Due to pasturisation processes, the higher the fat content, the less foam is made and sustained

So, if you want to see what I think, take a look at my simple little guides for making the best coffee you'll ever make:

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