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Since we moved, mum and dad have been very happy to dump all of my belongings which I'd left in my old bedroom round at our new house. Today, over a year later, I've just sorted through the last box of stuff and found a mine of goodies which I've been looking for for ages.

I found my old swimming certificates from when I was a kid, some artwork, even my National Insurance card which I lost about 12 years ago!

I also rediscovered some old notes, address books and phone lists. It got me thinking about trying to find people I havent spoken to since school to see how they are and what they're up to.

I did the usual, looked on Facebook for what good that did me. Either so many results came back I couldn't be sure it was the person I wanted or even less helpful (but more secure) are the people who lock down their profile so I know nothing about who they are.

So...Here's a list of names for people I'd love to hear back from. If you are any of these or you know who they are or what happened, please, let me know but getting in touch! Just use the link in the 'About' section at the top of the page:

  • Jamie Bloom
  • Evelyn Haggar
  • Philip Hurt
  • Ben Skinner
  • Neil Cutting
  • Sian Dawkins
  • Nick?
  • Mark S?
  • Simone Nichols
  • Richard Ruegg
  • Bradley Warwick
  • Glen Cotton
  • Gregory Gooch
  • Mark Gould
  • Elizabeth Myres
  • Glen Pickering
  • Kate Sykes
  • Simon Sykes
  • Emma Trevorrow
  • Stuart Trevorrow
  • Matthew Townsend
  • Kris Williams
  • James Kendal
  • Ben Reed
  • Ben Whitehead