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As you may or may not know, the plan was to get the dining room complete so we could move out from the lounge into the dining area to enable us to block off the lounge while we dismantle the god awful 60's rock effect fire place. Well...We did it, on Friday, I moved the contents of the lounge into our new dining room and yes, its rather cosy but nonetheless, it's nice to be in a smarter room, albeit with a big blue tarpaulin wall.

I've uncovered some very (un)helpful tips from the owner before my Nan in this room, take a look at the messages from Bill. What's ironic is he didn't pay attention to his own notes, the walls are a mess, the window is a joke and the colour he painted the wall...lovely!

Now that we're in the dining room, we've wasted no time starting the lounge and have:

  • Removed the old coving
  • Removed old, poorly connected power outlets
  • Dismantled the old, 60's rock fireplace
  • Removed old mortar from floor tiles and bagged up the rubbish
  • Stripped old wallpaper
  • Stripped woodchip from the ceiling
  • Scrubbed and washed ceiling
  • Chased out cable pathways for new audio and data cabling
  • Installed new knock-out boxes for main entertainment and power points
  • Run audio, telephone, networking, power, coax and sky cabling in new conduit
  • Installed ceiling back-boxes for rear surround speakers
  • Repaired severely damages fireplace/chimney breast
  • Backfilled old hearth
  • Installed new coving
  • Installed new door frames and architrave
  • Painted all the walls
  • Installed the TV bracket and TV
  • Replaced the slate hearth
  • Edged the fireplace opening with aluminium