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People often ask me what they could get for birthday's or Christmas presents etc and I'm never very good at coming up with an answer so I decided to make a page which I can add to if I think of something I would like, or that Jake would like. So, here's some great gift ideas...:


  • Induction Wok
  • 2x New Trays (ZAK White Melamine Rectangular Trays - ours were from HEALS but they seem to have replaced them with Retangulary Gallery Trays but not sure theyre the same) to match our spanky new white ones - these
  • Lounge Entertainment Unit (£310 from Listers)
  • Log burner from Saltfire - this one
  • Dyson Digital Slim - this one


  • Robot Hoover, preferably electrolux otherwise roomba - roomba or electrolux
  • New parcel shelf for my car
  • Magic Charger for my Magic Mouse by Mobee - Amazon
  • AirPort Express for streaming music - Apple
  • Catering blow torch (about £15)


  • New Shirt
  • New Earing
  • New slippers with a plastic sole and memory foam insole